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Related article: Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 14:16:55 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Boy 11Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental. Chapter 11 We both got up and headed for the bathroom. We enjoyed a long shower. We cleaned each other out and then just stood close together enjoying the hot water running off us. After getting out we dried and then dressed for the day. Neither of my other two Son's had come out of their bedroom. I figured I should check on them. When I entered the room was empty. Fuck. Now what."Their not here." I told Onou.We went and checked the other boys cottage. They told us they hadn't seen them. I sent Onou to check the beach while I checked the lodge. Onou yelled for me and I ran down to where he was. Three sets of tracks led down the beach. I went and got my Rover and we set off down the beach."Stop Father. Stop."The three tracks had been joined with several others, how many I couldn't be sure. But one thing I knew was that there had been a struggle. We followed the tracks to the edge of the tree line. I was now very, very scared for my two boys. We followed a very obvious trail that led into the trees. From the looks of it at least two people were being dragged. It was very quiet, no sound, not even birds. After about a 100 meters we came to a clearing. The first thing I saw was Simon hanging by the neck. I also saw he had been emasculated. His cock and balls were laying at his feet. I dropped to my knees and threw up. Onou rushed across the clearing."FATHER! Father, their here."I staggered to my feet and went to where Onou was bent down. Both Steven and Devine had bee beaten and whipped. Both were still breathing. I picked up Steven and Onou picked up Devine and we ran to the beach. We gently put both in the Rover and I drove like a mad man back to the resort. Darrell walked out as I drove up. Took one look."Jesus, Mary and Joseph.""Call the police. There's another boy we found dead."I just spun around in the parking lot and headed for Clanwilliam. Six police vehicles were present when I arrived at the hospital. We took both boys in and made sure both were being taken care of before we left the emergency area. I noted that both my boys were missing their neck chains and rings. I knew neither would ever take them off. The chief inspector was waiting when we finally came out."I am very, very sorry this happened Mr. Hamilton. Can you tell me what happened?"I told him everything I knew including the fact that the neck chains and rings of both boys were missing. He made a call on his radio and then informed me a team of investigators were enroute from Cape town. He dispatched several officers to secure the area around where the incident took place and to also cut down the body of Simon, but not remove it until the investigating team arrived."I guess you didn't get them all, the Supremist's I mean.""Well sir. This could be an isolated incident.""Bull Shit. They targeted my boys.""Well Sir, we don't know Preteen Nonude that yet.""Well I do. You find them or I will. If I find them first, God won't help them.""Sir you need to let us handle it.""Oh you can handle it, but I'm bringing in my own security people."I turned and walked away and back into the hospital. Dr. Morgan informed me both boys would be okay, but both would be here for a while. I went back and told Onou. Then called New York."First Defense International, how may I help you Sir?""Spencer Hamilton for Jerry Flanagan.""Spence, long time. What can I do for you?""How long to get one of your teams in South Africa?""Simple 48 hours.""No sooner Jerry?""Well I could send them by private jet, but that adds a real chunk of change to the bill.""Jerry, I have an account at Hudson General. Book through them and tell them your coming to Clanwilliam in South Africa. Make sure you have at least one investigator in the team. How soon then?""Vehicles, helicopters?""Any vehicle you might need. Preteen Nonude Helicopters I'm not sure.""Okay Spence. Twenty hours.""Jerry. I want them armed too.""Okay. We have an arrangement with the South African Government.""I'll be at the Castle Inn Resort.""Good. You'll see them in under 24 hours. By the by buddy, this is going to cost you about 20 million.""Gee Jerry, giving me a bargain." I laughed and hung up.My accountant was going to go bonkers when he figured out what I had spent in just one month. Well I couldn't care less. My personal account at Chase Manhattan had about 60 million in it.Money was to me just to spend. And now I would spend all of it to protect my Sons."Come on Son. Lets go for a drive.""Where are we going Father?""The airport. I want to see if there are any helicopters available for lease or rent. The security team from the States I'm bringing in might need one.""Security Team dad?""Yes Son. I think that Devine and Steven were set up. I don't know how, but it's just too much coincident that they were grabbed on the beach like that. I'm going to make sure all of you are protected from now on. And be damned with the cost. You boys are the most important things in my life.""We love you to Father.""I know Son."When I got to the airport I enquired about helicopters to rent or lease. I was told no such luck here. The only helicopters belonged to the State Police. However, he said the South African Armed Forces had a surplus depot about 10 clicks out on the highway north. They used to have some older models there that were considered surplus to need. I headed out there.We were greeted by a black South African Army Officer. When I enquired about helicopters, he asked if I was interested in buying. Well buying hadn't been my idea. I knew the damned things were very expensive."Well what do you have?""Two UH1b's, a twin Huey, two Mi6 transport helicopters and a Bell 208.""And the cost?""Well Sir, even though I am supposed to sell all I can, I must tell you. The two UH1b's are very old. Also I would not trust the Russian MI6's. The twin Huey has about 3500 hours on it and bell 208 is almost new. Less than 1500 hours. As too cost, about 700,000 rand, for the twin and the Bell 208, 450,000 Rand for the others."Christ. I could afford to buy both, but did I really need two helicopters in my name in South Africa. I could only fly one at a time.Well my new security guys could probably use both. Lets push the envelope as my old instructor used to say."I'll need to test flight both.""Are you qualified to fly Sir?""Yes but, I'm a little rusty.""Well Sir I will have to check you out before I can allow you to fly."No problem. Set up the Bell 208, that's the one I qualified on. Can you get the maintenance records for both the bell and the twin.""Yes Sir. It will take about 30 minutes to bring the bell up and preflight it Sir."He walked into his office and ordered several of the people there to get the Bell up to the flight line. He handed me the thick maintenance books on the two helicopters. First thing I noted was that he Bell had, had an airframe inspection and engine maintenance less than three months before. Wow! It had been brought up to almost new condition. 700,000 rand was a very good price, for a helicopter that cost almost 6 million new.I walked out to the flight line. The bell was painted in camouflage colors of the South African Army. But I had to admit if looked real good. I did a quick walk around, then sat in the pilots seat. The officer took the other. Onou climbed in and sat down and buckled up."Father. Can you fly this thing?" he asked.The black officer looked at Onou and then at me."Yes Son. I can fly it, however it has been a while."The black officer turned to Onou."Why do you call him Father?""Because I love him and he loves me. I will do anything for him and know that he will do anything for me. Eventually I will travel with him to his home. And I know with me and my brothers we will always have him to love.""But he didn't father you.""No. I chose him to be my Father and he chose me to his son."I flipped on the master switch and waited until all the lights showed green. I flipped up the fuel pressure switch, oil, and start switch. It started to smoothly spool up. Everything I had been taught came back in a flash. This was one helicopter I knew how to fly very well. When everything was in the green I rotated the collective. Never even touched the control arm. As the helicopter became light on its skids I grabbed the control arm and moved the collective up. We lifted off. Now this is what I loved to do. Why I didn't fly more was beyond me as we moved higher. I put the nose down and then were gone. WOW! What a feeling. I checked the fuel gauges, lots of gas so I headed for Clanwilliam. I scooted low over the town and then headed for the Castle Inn Resort. I over flew it and saw a State Police helicopter on the beach. The investigators had arrived. I then turned back and headed back to the South African Army base. Landed. Shut down."I'll take it and the twin.""Just like that?" The officer asked me."Yes Just like that.""Well Sir you can really fly this bird. But what about the twin huey?""Never even being in one, however there are some gentlemen I hired who will no doubt be qualified. Lets get the paper work out of the way quick. I need to get back and see my other two sons.""In for a penny, in for a pound. My granddaddy said.Going to have transfer more of my ill- gotten gains to Africa. Fuck it.I think I must have signed more than thirty forms, most dealt with the end user. Well I hadn't really thought about what I would use it for so just put down domestic transport. I had to give him a deposit, so I wrote a check for 700,000 rand, basically half of the cost of both. We shook hands and I headed back to Clanwilliam. Quick stop at my bank to transfer more money and then to the hospital.When I entered my two sons room the first thing I did was hug both. And then stood back and cried. Onou held me as I cried. The doctor told me some of the strips on their bodies would leave scars. He couldn't do anything about it because they were so deep. I vowed then and there to get who had done this and give them what they had Preteen Nonude done to my boys.A police officer told me I couldn't return to the Castle Inn Resort tonight as it had been classified a crime scene. I took Onou and rented a motel room close to the hospital. We tried to eat, but I just wasn't hungry. Onou told me he couldn't eat either. I was so uptight it took a long time to fall asleep, even with Onou holding me."When we walked out of the motel the next morning a very young man walked up to me."Spencer Hamilton?""Yes." I said."Sir. I am Jerry Wilkinson, point man for the team you ordered in. I was in South Africa and my boss ordered me here. It took me a while to find you Sir. The State Police are very tight lipped.""No problem Jerry.""Sir from what I have observed you are already protected by the State Police. Why did you want us Sir?""I want an independent investigation into my Son's kidnapping and I also want the names and location of the kidnappers.""Well do I need to protect this man who is with you too Sir?""Most definitely. He is one of my sons. The Other two are in hospital."I already checked the airport and there are no helicopters available.""Already taken care of. Do any of your team have qualification on a bell 208 or a twin huey?""Both Sir.""Good. I bought one of each yesterday, I'll give you the final check for them today and you can pick them up when the rest of the team arrives.""WOW! Just like that. I have never worked with anyone that would just go out and purchase what he needed.""Where my Sons are concerned, I will spare no expense. No Expense.""Okay Sir. From now on until the rest of the team arrives, I will be your shadow. You might not see me all the time, but I will be there.""Fine. Now I'm going to the hospital."When we arrived at the hospital, we first talked to the police assigned as protection for the boys. I told them that the man with me was one of the special security I had hired to protect my sons. They made no comment, only checked his passport and weapons permit. Then allowed us to enter the boys room. I kissed both. Both were still hooked up to many IV's."Have either of you talked to the police investigation team?" I asked."Yes Father." Devine said."Okay. Can you tell this man what happened too?""Well father, after Simon, Steven and me had been playing around it was really hot in the room. Simon suggested we go for a walk to cool off, before morning. We thought that was a great idea. We were walking about a mile down the beach when 6 men ran out from the tree line. Both Steven and me were grabbed and forced to the ground. A hood was placed over our heads. I heard Simon yelling. Then there was a real smack and Simon was quiet. We were not even allowed to stand. They just dragged us into the bush. I don't know how far we were dragged but finally we were tied with our hands over our heads. The hoods were removed. Simon had a rope around his neck and was being held with just his toes on the ground. All the men were laughing. Every few minutes one of the men would tug on the rope around Simon. He's start to struggle more. I don't know why father, but he was very hard. After a while they seemed to tire of playing with him and came over to us. One of them said."Don't worry boys you'll get Preteen Nonude your turn to. Just Preteen Nonude like that black shit over there.""Finish him." He said to one of the men.The man went over and pulled the rope up so Simon was off the ground. He struggled for about ten minutes and then went limp. We watched as the guy just went up to him and cut his balls and cock off."He won't need them anymore." He laughed.They started to whip and beat us with sticks. One guy had a long whip, almost 10 feet long, with a barbed tip on the end. I think I passed out after about 15 minutes. But one thing I heard one of the men say. Well at least we got rid of the only witness. He actually Preteen Nonude thought we were going to pay him. The next thing I remember is you when you picked me up.""Thanks Son. Anything else you remember Devine?""Father, they looked like some kind of security or policemen. They had on black boots, dark gray pants and shirts and some kind of belt, that had all kinds of stuff on them.""Would either of you be able to identify them?""It was pretty dark, but one guy had a very weird accent."Jerry said a few words in a very bastardized English."Just like that Dad. Just like that."I looked at Jerry."Mixture of Dutch and English. Very many of the old South African Security Forces spoke it. Also there are still a lot of the original officers still in the new South African Security Forces.""Well that's a bit scary.""Yes. From his description of what they were wearing it could be any number of different units in either the State or Federal Police forces. I think we may have to bring this to the attention of some higher authority than here. If it State Police, and they are the one investigating, then you might be in bigger trouble than I first thought. If it's Federal then we can deal with it.""What do you mean deal with it?""Well I have a lot of very senior friends in the Federal Police Forces.""Well." Jerry's cell phone rang.He turned and stepped out of ear shot and answered it. A few minutes later."Okay the rest of the team is on the ground. I think you two should come with me and we'll get them from the airport. You think you can trust these police that are here now?""Yes.""Good lets go then."I kissed both boys and told Onou to stay too. Then Jerry and I went down and climbed into my Rover. We drove directly to the business terminal and met the rest of the team. The Senior man was Mike Stampson. He was all business when I met him.He sent three men to rent four wheel drive vehicles. When he asked about helicopters I told of the two I had purchased. He sent 4 men with me and told me to take them with me. He would send some to the hospital as soon as he had wheels. I went to my bank and drew a 700,000 Rand bank draft and then took the men out to the military surplus depot. After introducing them to the Commander of the Depot, I went in and finished the paper work for the helicopters. I gave the two pilots the maintenance logs. They went to preflight the birds. After I was done."Sir, you ride back in one of Helicopters. We'll take your rover in."I headed out and climbed into the Bell. The pilot climbed in."Hi Sir. I'm John Smith. You know how to fly?""Yes, this one. Never flown the twin though.""Good. Jump in the pilots seat. I want to check you out. The Boss will want you to use helicopters now for all your travel. This one will seat six. You, your boys and two security men."He watched as I started up and prepared to take off. Once we were off."Damn your pretty good. Only thing I can say is if you need to get off the ground real quick, you can use the power boost start. That's this switch here.""Okay where to?""The hospital. That's where the boss will be. The twin will catch up."He'd no sooner said it when the twin pulled up along side.I flew in over Clanwilliam and set down on the edge of the emergency pad. No sooner had I landed than the helicopter was surrounded by guys with guns pointing out. Fuck did I really need this? They escorted me inside like I was royalty or something. We walked up to the room where my boys were. Two more men stood outside their door. The police were gone. Dr Morgan was in the room when I walked in. Both boys were dressed."Against my better judgment, I have allowed them to be released. Your Security guy wants them in a more secure place.""Will they be okay? If not, I'll overrule him.""They should be fine. You just have watch out for infection in some of the more severe stripes. I'll give you some antibiotics for that and a couple of dressing kits.""Thanks Doc. I'm not sure how I will ever repay you for what you've done.""How about a free stay at your resort when you get it rebuilt?""Lifetime Doc. Lifetime."As we left, it was like a phalanc of security surrounding all of us. Even when we got outside. The Twin was sitting dead center in the Emergency landing area, its blades slowly rotating. I walked to the bell and climbed into the pilots seat. Mike climbed in next to me and my three boys and John climbed in behind. Before I had got ready for takeoff the twin was already in the air. I lifted off and headed for the Castle Inn. When I prepared to land Mike stopped me."Wait Sir."The twin landed and the men inside deployed like a well oiled machine. It was like watching a movie. When everyone was in place Mike indicated for me to land in the area between my cottage and main lodge. After I was down I was escorted to my cottage and left alone. I sat down on the deck.A few minutes later Onou came out and handed me a very large glass of Bourbon."Thought you might need this Father." He said."Thanks Son. I do."Devine and Steven came out with just shorts on. Both sat down. I looked at both and my eyes started to water, as I looked at the whipping marks across there chests. How did I ever get into this mess. I should have just taken Onou and Devine and left. But then I guess Preteen Nonude Steven might have died. That just got me crying harder. All my boys came over to comfort me."Easy Father. We're okay. Really Father."I gently hugged my Sons. Wow. Yes. They were my Sons. And no one would ever harm them again.TBC
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